The Genetic Grid

In just our DNA, You will find a very special area of
consciousness that reflects our Divine origins. I've a
particular desire Within this discipline of consciousness since
of its habits—growing and uniting with identical fields.
I believe that these fields serve humanity and produce a
unifying field of social-consciousness.
Consciousness drives mobile behavior and it has the
ability to influence an environmental outcome. Science
has currently verified how the observer’s consciousness
can have an effect on the end result on the experiment. Notably, in
1952, within the Island of Kishoma, study entitled the
“Hundredth Monkey” phenomenon inferred that when
a restricted amount of individuals know a ‘new way’, it remains
the conscious property of Those people individuals.
However, when much more people manifest this new
awareness, the field is strengthened, a critical mass is
achieved, and the awareness results in being the mindful
residence of all. This new consciousness is communicated
brain to thoughts (From The Hundredth Monkey by Ken
Keyes Jr.). Behavioral and social experts realize that consciousness influences conduct. As soon as There's a behavior,
You can find an practical experience, and therefore wisdom will become grounded in Bodily expression.
Based on the renowned Japanese Biologist, Dr.
T. Kishina, civilizations have their roots inside humanity’s
collective DNA. He theorized the human biological
design has masterminded its own Spiritual survival. He
implies that our DNA proliferates towards a purer emotional
point out of existence mainly because it possesses the knowledge
to flourish and reach a better state of existence—Spirituality.
I speculate which the essence of our Divine Character is
rooted within our DNA. By some radical signifies, when
the DNA will get activated—a codon acceleration and
growth method—a greater functioning industry of
consciousness gets to be dynamic. From the effects of
my get the job done in the field of holistic psychology, performing
DNA Activations with clients, and thru observing the
international community’s expanding impetus for planet peace,
I find this industry to be an inherent facet of royalty encoded
with the Human Spirit.
On a global stage, the collective expression of this
subject of consciousness is exactly what I expression the “Genetic Grid.”
The “Grid” is past philosophical idea. Far more concretely,
it is anchored into Actual physical DNA. Herein lies the
important basic principle—the Genetic Grid functions behaviorally. In
this habits, the genetic Qualities of our royalty—that
is, our Divine Mother nature—becomes our natural environment.
It is vital for every of us to absorb the thought of
the Genetic Grid. Even though unseen, the Grid coalesces with
the mechanics of Earth Consciousness. This might be
envisioned as a white glow throughout the planet. Imagining
this concept results in it. Each and every of us will have to satisfy our Future—
our reason in Life. Generating one soul, a single humanity,
a single heart generates Unity Consciousness. Subsequently, Unity
Consciousness reunites us with inner and outer God—
our loving Intelligence or Infinite Currently being. The Genetic Grid
symbolizes this method. The inherent wisdom of the environment
could be unleashed and become a great and even more highly effective source for transform. How? Because, While using the activation from the Genetic Grid, Spirit now has the system to create. Previously, Spirit could only impact.Using this type of assemble in position, the collective entire body that orchestrates the Genetic Grid may become A serious player
in redefining humanity’s social, political, and spiritual environments.
The Genetic Grid is not really a theory; it’s a Bodily pressure.
The moment collectively anchored as a unifying area of social
consciousness, it's going to evolve to be on the list of prime
strategies for Spirit to build improve in the world. Because the
Genetic Grid expands, it’s collective discipline of consciousness
gets a balancing pressure to that Electricity which
sustains materialism and consumer consciousness. At some point,
it results in being the automobile fostering Divine Duality that
eradicates the pitfalls of materialistic duality.
Allow me to placement my point of view. Evil could be the
absence of love and can be expressed given that the opposing
forces of duality. Darkness and shadows of daily life are its
expressions. The misuse of cash and selfish quest for
power offset world appreciate and continually agitate
materialistic duality. Notwithstanding, money is gorgeous,
for it represents a unique flow of earthly Power. Cash
can serve mankind when effectively employed as being a loving
Vitality. Sadly, most cash and energy is
managed through the higher few per cent of our society—
certainly, an exceedingly influential subculture.
To maintain Manage devoid of intrusion, this pick out number of
shields on their own at the rear of invisible layers—likened to the
yoke of an egg. Exactly where do these layers exist? We all know
that each egg provides a shell, a shell membrane, the white
albumen, and afterwards A different membrane throughout the yellow
yoke. These peripheral reprise sa voiture constructs serve as levels of
security. If you get a closer glimpse, it's possible you'll comprehend
the alternative use of the law enforcement, civil and corporate
law, and the various socio-economic barriers that happen to be in
area, just as the nucleus of the egg is secured. Sadly
more than enough, we have been ironically and consciously inspired to
provide this subculture.
How this influential subculture of controlling
self-interest superior blend and come to be additional attuned with
the rest of our societies—that is, softened with appreciate—is
Spirit’s task. To do this, the Genetic Grid needs to be in position.
When Spirit desires to incur social improve in the world, it
requirements to produce a behavioral modify. Spirit needs to be
genetically anchored within our DNA as being a Resourceful power, not
entirely as an influential pressure. If this paradox were not
real, then Spirit would have previously produced the required
social and environmental shifts for the sake of increasing
the problem of humanity. But Spirit simply cannot, besides
through enlightenment, and that’s a gradual procedure.
Moses, Akhanaten, Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, and
Mohammed all arrived as Enlightened Beings. reprise sa voiture They initiated
numerous educational institutions of thought and plenty of religions.
Theology and theory are sluggish and ineffective for the reason that
their use of intellectualization and rational contemplating is
not grounded in the body. Spirit’s word for humanity
ought to be grounded, because the Bible Plainly states, “…the
term was created flesh…” At the time Spirit has genetic conduct
in position, it can Specific by itself on this planet and begin to
generate the ecosystem of a Divine Duality we phone Heaven.
We are definitely the correct kings and queens of our civilization. Who, in almost any society or subculture was really appointed a king and also a queen by God or an Infinite Being—no-one, not as of late, in any case. Person- produced coronations have interfered Together with the Divine System for centries. It’s time for Spirit to do its very own get the job done of reworking the actions of our society. Spirit must be anchored about the Earth Aircraft genetically. This is often why so much target is currently being put on boosting consciousness as well as unfolding function of our
DNA. Existing within our genetic codes would be the archetypal
codes of our splendor and royalty. Herein lies the sector of
consciousness that could established our Modern society no cost. As the Divine
Strategy unfolds: the Unified Field of Unity Consciousness can
lastly be ascertained and expressed.
The Genetic Grid comprises each and every human being who
has knowledgeable an acceleration of their DNA. This
evolving populace involves, but is just not restricted to, People
who may have experienced in close proximity to Demise activities (NDE), some kind
of DNA Activation, DNA Activations by way of audio and
audio, or rebirth within their acceptance in the Mother-Father
God Principles. Additionally, it consists of Indigo kids, their mothers and fathers
and grandparents, those vendre sa voiture sans controle technique who are in the process of
attaining bigger consciousness While using the acutely aware target of
assistance to 1’s Maximum Excellent, and the Highest Good of
In summary, Spirit’s success on this planet will depend on our
human capacity to raise the conscious and Actual physical acceleration
of our DNA. It relies on our habits
expressed within a royal style—for we are all royal beings.
Enable’s try to produce a world Genetic Grid by expressing
our royal selves. Permit’s not get off the World, but
relatively change the way we live on it and Permit Spirit do the
In the Light of Everything— Peace,
Dr. Robert V. Gerard
11 September 2005

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